Pregnancy Float Therapy & Massage

Rest, Recover and Recharge your body and mind during your pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time, an evolution of mind, body and soul – it is important to maintain harmony and balance, physically and mentally to enjoy the precious moment whilst preparing for the arrival of your new baby.

Floatation Therapy is often recommended by Paediatricians for 2nd and 3rd trimester treatment to reduce stress, muscle tension and pains associated with pregnancy. The Sensory Deprived Environment and the privacy of Float Lab rooms enhances introspection, assuring quality bonding time for mother and baby, also called the mirroring effect.

Float Lab, specialises in Floatation Therapy techniques specific to pregnancy, and try combining a float with a pregnancy massage from our professionally accredited massage therapists. We guarantee you will be floating out of our studios after every session.

Incorporate Floatation Therapy and Pregnancy Massage into your pregnancy program and enjoy the many benefits of:

      • Pregnancy massage
      • Pregnancy float


Float Lab’s team have pregnancy massage specialists, registered with NurtureLife Australia. Trust the people who brought floating to Perth.