Float Lab Corporate
Wellness Program

“A champion team will always beat a team of champions”

- John McGrath -
Corporate wellness supports healthy behaviour in the workplace to improve health outcomes. At Float Lab, our corporate wellness program is designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee well-being by creating an organisational culture of health.

Leaders of great teams recognise the need to balance and manage workloads and personalities. They merge the strengths of the individuals and develop a common purpose. Communication and understanding are key elements to team-building and success.

Corporate Wellness Program

At Float Lab, we understand the pressures of meeting deadlines, budgets, setting goals managing teams and juggling family and life in general.

A corporate wellness program helps your employee’s commit to their wellness, reflecting their commitment to your business!

Float Lab are Perth’s leading recovery studios and we have developed great relationships with many of Perth’s high achievers, looking to balance hectic lives.

We see the difference a corporate wellness program makes to the person, the team and the business. Commit to a healthier, happier and more productive future for your team and business.

Float Lab Wellness Program

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