Relax the mind

We live in a fast-paced, wired world, which means our minds don’t disconnect. The world is facing a health epidemic directly related to our addiction for connectivity. Physical and mental stresses are increasing and balance is needed. Floating is a modern treatment for a modern problem, providing time out to disconnect and reset tired, cluttered minds. Learn more..


Restore the body

Floatation therapy suits everybody, wide ranging in application. It is used by elite athletes to recover fatigued muscles and enhance performance. It is also used to manage ailments such as arthritis, pain management, post operative mobility and much more. Discover some of the physical benefits of floatation therapy today. Learn more..


Reinvigorate the soul

Life isn’t just tough on our bodies and brains — it can take its toll on our emotional wellbeing too. Learn how floatation therapy can help get you back on track. Learn more..


Floatation therapy is the science of managing multiple sensory triggers, controlling them at the desired level and maintaining those levels for the entire float. At Float Lab we are true to the science. Our passion is floating. It is our job to ensure our clients receive the best floatation therapy treatment available to reset, recover and recharge.

The FloatLab Experience
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The Float Lab Story

Following a motor vehicle accident in 2001, Float Lab co-founder Aaron Hunter’s life changed significantly. Leading an active life with a love for sport and with diverse business interest an unexpected and chronic neck injury took its toll. Things usually taken for granted, were no longer options and inevitably frustration turned to depression.

Pain management became the focus, existing not living was the result. Medicated with Morphine, Zanax, Ketamine to dull pain and anti depressants to lift mood, multiple medical procedures ensued, culminating in fusions to c3,c4,c,5 of the neck..

A close friend suggesting he try a float. Having exhausted most other options and knowing nothing about floating he was prepared to try anything. After the first introduction to the world of floating Aaron experienced a notable sense of release, lighter mood and optimism that had been missing for some time. Aaron was amazed and arrived home to tell partner Johanne, “we are building a float studio!!”

In business Aaron’s philosophy is to provide quality products and services that represent value and are backed by results.

With a passion to introduce floating to a wider audience, Aaron spent a number of years researching floating studies, the floating industry internationally, float studio construction and building products and techniques. This extensive research resulted in our first custom designed Studio opening in North Beach WA in 2016. Followed by our Wembley and Currambine studios in 2018.

The key to a consistently good floating is the quality control of the float room itself. It‘s a common misconception that Float Pods or Tanks provide all the necessary features needed for a good float session, this is not true. Floating is the science of managing multiple sensory triggers, controlling them at the desired level and maintaining those levels for the entire float session. This is what we provide at Float Lab.

Each studio is custom designed and built by our team. We present inviting, warm and relaxing spaces for our clients enjoyment. The attention to detail, design features and quality materials used but not visible is what makes your float experience better and makes us Float Lab!

  • Brain Synchronisation

    Research has shown greater interaction and cooperation between the right (creative side) and left (analytical side) lobes of the brain while floating. This synchronisation can lead to higher levels of performance and productivity, and a general sense of competence, confidence and wholeness.

  • Muscle Healing

    Athletes can benefit from the deep healing effects of the Epsom Salts and the weightless effect. Circulation is increased throughout the body, flushing lactic acid and detoxifying muscles

  • Meditation

    Floatation is becoming increasingly popular as a form of meditation – providing a unique opportunity for quiet reflection, and a powerful way to reconnect with inner thoughts and emotions.

  • Visualisation

    The combination of extreme relaxation and heightened awareness allows techniques of visualisation to become very powerful following floatation. The tank can induce the calm required for optimal performance in situations ranging from public speaking to sports.


Stress Relief
An hour in a float tank promotes a reduction in the release of stress hormones and promotes the feel-good neurotransmitters.
Pain Management
Lying in a float tank allows your back and spine to fully decompress. The relaxed state achieved can provide relief from neck and back pain. Improvements in arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, inflammation, and psychosomatic pain relief have all been documented via tank use.
Achieving sensory deprivation has long been used for clearing the mind and boosting creativity. Some musicians even claim it helps to improve their technical ability. By removing all sensory input you allow your brain to fully relax and release less cortisol – the main hormone linked with stress.